Endorsements for The Living Classroom

“Chris Bache has been a leader in the quest to rediscover our hidden connectedness for a long time, and his new book, answers a critical need for grounded examples of how collective intelligence functions in practical settings.  His beautiful stories and incisive reflections will not only inspire teachers but help us all to recover our collective birthright as human beings.”

—Peter Senge, Director of Society for Organizational Learning, author of The Fifth Discipline

“A pioneering contribution to our understanding of how to work with collective fields not only in educational settings but in the classroom of life.  Chris’ innovative approaches to evoking collective intelligence provide glimpses into what’s possible.”

—Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, Co-Founders, The World Café    

“Bache does for the classroom what Galileo did for skywatching, open up an entirely new dimension of theory and practice.  His articulation of this expanded perspective is, as always, superbly precise, and the implications are profound.”

—Richard Tarnas, Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies; author of The Passion of the Western Mind

“What a joy to read this book by a master teacher with a new vision for educators.  This book is precious water in a sun-drenched desert.” 

—Marilyn Schlitz, Director of Research and Education, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“This may be the shortest endorsement on record – just one word, repeated twice:  True, true.”

—Ervin Laszlo, Founder of the Club of Budapest, author of The Connectivity Hypothesis

“Chris Bache has written an important and path-breaking book about collective consciousness in the classroom. This thoughtful and delightful read is at the forefront of education for the 21st century. 

—Alfonso Montuori, Chair, Department of Transformative Inquiry California Institute of Integral Studies