Endorsements Lifecycles

“The most intelligent, engaging and broad ranging discussion of reincarnation I have encountered.”

—Roger Woolger, author of Other Lives, Other Selves

“…a goldmine of information on the subject and a highly creative synthesis of traditional concepts and observations from contemporary consciousness research.”

—Stanislav Grof, author of The Holotropic Mind

“Christopher Bache’s recent book has set a model of elegance in thinking about the area of past lives and clarity in presenting conceptualizations….[Bache] becomes the eloquent spokesman of regression therapy as it is today — or as it will be tomorrow.”

—in Regression Therapy by Winafred Lucas, Ph.D.

“as readable as it is academically impressive….Highly recommended.”

—J of Religion and Psychical Research (Vol. 15, No. 1, Jan. 1992)

“a much needed book full of stimulating insights into the contemporary philosophical implications of reincarnation.”

—J of Regression Therapy (Winter, 1992)

“Unique in scope, Lifecycles combines the best scientific testimonies on reincarnation with philosophically sound yet accessible arguments about its implications.”

—West Coast Review of Books

“The latest information and research on near-death studies and the nature of consciousness blends with examinations of the evidence for rebirth…” 

—Midwest Book Review

“Dr. Bache combines fascinating case histories that will be convincing to many and, to all but the obtusely prejudiced, at least plausible.  I gladly recommend this book both to the serious inquirer and to the already persuaded.”

Geddes MacGregor, author of Reincarnation in Christianity